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  People Matching Project

The People Matching Project is attempting to develop a free and open source questionnaire+algorithm for matching together compatible individuals for a variety of purposes (e.g. friends, dating, room-mates). We are currently seeking volunteers to complete a personality survey and then recruit a best friend to complete the same survey.

The survey should take between 15 and 30 minutes per person.

This is the second step in the research project. In the first step, a pool of 598 questions were developed and reduced down to produce this survey with the help of 34,899 volunteers who rated the items on their importance for friendship. We have preliminary results from step two.

Step one: create a pair of IDs for you and your friend

To develop the algorithm we need to match your answers to your friend's answers (please choose your best, or one of your best, friends). To start the survey you will need a pair of IDs, one of which you will use and other of which you will give to your friend. Make sure you have a close friend willing to volunteer as well, your submission will not contribute to the effort unless paired with a friend!

Step two: complete the survey

Use an ID created in step one to take the survey, and get your friend to do the same with their ID.