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  People Matching Project

Personality items that correlate within friend pairs based on one party self and observer ratings

The main goal of the people matching project is to develop a personality questionnaire to predict comparability between individuals. The question is, what questions should be on the questionnaire?

The greatest challenge of the People Matching Project is to assemble a bank of questions that can predict friendship/relationship compatibility. The best way is just to look at what questions actual friend pairs are similar on. This poses a challenge though as samples of friend pairs are difficult to recruit. Single individuals are much easier and we can try to get the same information by asking single individuals to rate their friends in addition to themselves.

Using matched questionnaires from pairs of real friends would be ideal, but prohibitively difficult. Such data must be collected in the end for validities sake, but for much of the initial item screening and item pool reduction one party surveys have to be used. Research indicates that this may not introduce to much error, Lee, et. al. (2009) found that the similarities between friends on personality traits was exaggerated when one subject rated both individuals, but that the relative importance of traits was not badly distorted. See the figure below.

Full list of items screened

In total, 598 items were screened using 34,899 volunteers. In the table below you can see the items ordered by the correlation (r) between the respondents ratings of themselves versus their ratings of their friends for that item, and how many respondents that correlation is based on (n).

Item r n
I think the holocaust has been exaggerated.0.71192
I am a feminist.0.69549
I would not want my children to be gay/lesbian.0.69251
I hate feminists.0.67492
I believe in evolution.0.66465
I think the government assassinates its own citizens.0.65272
I do not respect copyright laws.0.65442
I think there are important biological brain differences between men and women.0.65284
I like to watch figure skating.0.63291
I think alien life exists in the universe.0.63406
I started drinking alcohol at a young age.0.63492
I do not support drinking age laws.0.61622
I'm interested in psychedelic drugs.0.61473
I laugh at people who do stupid things and get hurt.0.61425
I think the police are corrupt.0.591130
I think spanking children is reasonable.0.59277
I make sexual jokes.0.59406
I like guns.0.581400
I don't think PTSD is real.0.58218
I think all drugs ought to be legalized.0.581336
I would use counterfeit money if I could get away with it.0.58504
I laugh at jokes that would offend some people.0.58473
I have set fuel or chemicals on fire for fun.0.58272
I do not like the idea of genetically engineered foods.0.57213
I hope mankind makes contact with aliens within my lifetime.0.57213
I am frequently overcome with giggles.0.57192
I think vegetarianism is stupid.0.56461
I believe that we should be tough on crime.0.56392
I like to explore old mines.0.56622
I think college fraternities ought to be banned.0.56272
I support the death penalty.0.55502
I think 'that is what she said' jokes are funny.0.55437
I have smoked a lot of marijuana in my life.0.551336
I think there are some things science can't explain.0.55213
I like pranks.0.55437
I seldom joke around.0.55192
I would never associate with criminals.0.54273
I think poverty in Africa is mostly the fault of European colonialism.0.541395
I like to drink alcohol.0.541423
I think there are to many safety regulations in the work place.0.53272
I am disgusted by obesity.0.53517
I think archery is a cool hobby.0.53337
I make jokes that offend some people.0.52504
I love flowers.0.521130
I like tattoos.0.52308
I think intelligence is genetic.0.52412
I want to be cremated when I die.0.52364
I don't like libertarians.0.52549
I worry about technology robbing us of our humanity.0.52192
I wish magic were real.0.52344
I support conservative politicians.0.521423
I kind of hope society collapses sometimes.0.51399
I have thought about dying my hair.0.51272
I think political correctness is a problem.0.51565
I am disgusted by cigarette smoking.0.5287
I expect artificial intelligence to be developed within my lifetime.0.5192
I enjoy setting off fireworks.0.51395
I speak more than one language.0.5465
I enjoy watching terrible movies to laugh at them.0.5412
I would be open to dating a transsexual person.0.5218
I take deviant positions.0.5228
I attend protests.0.5781
I'd boo a performance I did not like.0.49273
I worry about falling victim to a scam.0.49317
I watch movies with subtitles.0.49442
I believe in sexual modesty.0.49371
I believe that religion is foolish.0.49399
I think horoscopes are fun.0.48268
I sometimes litter.0.48337
I think vampires are stupid.0.48317
I am interested in conspiracy theories.0.48502
I think I have seen a ghost.0.48364
I eat at fast food restaurants.0.48934
I like to talk about food and restaurants.0.481400
I think hitchhiking should be illegal.0.48364
I do not enjoy watching dance performances.0.48549
I think most people are unintelligent.0.48676
I often make jokes about politics.0.47912
I have been kicked out of a place.0.47674
I'd help my mother get away with murder if she needed my help.0.47565
I'm interested in ballet shows.0.47549
I have always wanted to be rich.0.47268
I look down upon those who suffer from depression.0.46455
I think cosplay (dressing up as fiction characters) is stupid.0.46549
I think the Olympics Games are a waste of money.0.46344
I believe in an eye for an eye.0.46399
I have considered suicide.0.46272
I believe that people are essentially evil.0.46379
Spirituality is important to me.0.461423
I have played a lot of video games.0.45757
I swear a lot.0.45944
I go to coffee shops.0.45589
I love children's movies.0.45291
I'd enjoy working on a submarine.0.45295
I think everyone should to go to college.0.45449
I like stand-up comedy.0.45455
I enjoy movies about sports.0.44465
I have kept a personal journal.0.44364
I like death metal music.0.44522
I am nerdy.0.44523
I try to undermine gender stereotypes with my behaviour.0.44473
I playfully insult people.0.44437
I think there are too many tests in school.0.44455
I gamble with money sometimes.0.44502
I yell at inanimate objects.0.43436
I believe in a universal power or God.0.43371
I doubt reports of so-called 'mystical experiences.'0.43436
I like super hero movies.0.43565
I like to talk about other people I know (gossip).0.43604
I like rap music.0.43562
I hate people.0.43609
I want to own an expensive car.0.43442
I think fishing is a cool hobby.0.43337
I like heist films.0.43539
I watch a lot comedy videos on the internet.0.43337
I respect authority.0.42609
I like to be weird.0.42496
I would like to be a hacker.0.42614
I would never get plastic surgery.0.42594
I believe people should fend for themselves.0.42457
I'd be interested in going to Mars, even if it was a one way trip.0.42502
I have hit rock bottom.0.42622
I worry the corporations are destroying the environment.0.42339
I would prefer watching a comedy show to visiting a museum.0.42337
I do not enjoy movies that do not have a villain.0.42632
I would like to be a race-car driver.0.41436
I am a high status person.0.41504
I would enjoy living in the old wild west.0.41364
I give to charity.0.41504
I use facebook every day.0.41745
I like to go camping and hiking.0.41455
I believe that there are universal truths.0.41707
I like to play boardgames.0.41769
I would enjoy being a dentist.0.41337
I greet people with hugs.0.4496
I often chew gum.0.4425
I like abstract art.0.4609
I would enjoy being a fighter pilot.0.4589
I like art films.0.4750
I enjoy feeling blue.0.4676
I would like to climb Mt. Everest.0.4676
I do not like concerts.0.4406
I like to go to fancy parties.0.39580
I feel nature is more powerful than humans.0.39449
I am interested in fashion.0.39565
I would want to learn to play the flute.0.39622
I get mad at people when they make a mistake and make a mess.0.39268
I slam doors.0.39308
I get annoyed by people kissing in public.0.39425
I am interested in science fiction.0.38965
I'd be interested in taking a sail-boat around the world.0.38266
I do things that others find strange.0.381130
I would enjoy living in Ancient Rome.0.38502
I was an outcast in school.0.38680
I don't like black and white movies.0.38436
I do not like poetry.0.37609
I played sports in high school.0.37189
I can name nearly all the countries in the world.0.37284
I give money to the homeless.0.371174
I think the media is biased.0.37251
I have never not wanted to have children.0.37502
I spend a lot of time on the internet.0.37504
I am interested in economics.0.37781
I think most people are boring.0.37557
I have a deep voice.0.37218
I would enjoy being a farmer.0.37337
I would enjoy counselling the suicidal.0.37509
I start fights.0.37192
I often make puns.0.37437
I like to knit.0.37622
I get teased a lot.0.37442
I know how to program computers.0.37473
I take care to recycle.0.37307
I am pleasure-seeking.0.36781
I could run a mile (1.6km) without stopping.0.36926
Sexual jokes make me uncomfortable.0.36492
I would enjoy taking a painting class.0.36426
I have travelled alone in a foreign country.0.36426
I usually end up laughing if the people around me are laughing.0.36442
I jump up and down in excitement sometimes.0.36632
I don't hesitate to criticize others.0.36604
I would enjoy working on a ship.0.36873
I have never yelled at anyone.0.35337
I would enjoy being a CEO.0.35337
I do things out of revenge.0.35291
I am masculine.0.35277
I am wearing headphones most of the time.0.35674
I demand perfection in others.0.35496
I would never watch a romantic comedy.0.35449
I do not think much about sex.0.35272
I like to play sports.0.35473
I look forward to each new day.0.35371
I do crossword puzzles sometimes.0.35565
I care about justice.0.35599
I get obsessed with TV shows.0.35277
I do not trust doctors.0.35277
I trust in luck.0.35291
I laugh a lot.0.35406
I would enjoy being a librarian.0.34317
I judge people by their appearance.0.34457
I am happy with my life.0.34425
I wanted to be in the air force as a child.0.34272
I am not interested in theoretical discussions.0.34492
I make puns.0.34287
I did not work very hard in school.0.34213
I treat all people equally.0.34465
I send birthday greetings.0.34268
I make self-deprecating jokes all the time.0.34406
I like to wrestle with people.0.34589
I shower every day.0.34358
I am very sarcastic.0.33406
I hate classical music.0.33426
I enjoy intellectual games.0.33504
I have a rich vocabulary.0.33636
I would enjoy dropping everything and going to live on a sailboat.0.33426
I often tell embarrassing stories about myself.0.33676
I like people who are musical.0.33277
I enjoy playing trivia games.0.33465
I am considered to be kind of eccentric.0.33369
I like to take and share pictures of my life.0.33504
I wish that I could be part of a revolution.0.32308
I am super cool.0.32457
I pay attention to internet memes.0.32437
I memorizes pop-song lyrics.0.32371
I know a bunch about celebrities.0.32442
I donate money to fundraisers.0.32344
I think gambling is stupid.0.32192
I am very protective of my property.0.32392
I dislike being complimented.0.32251
I think the idea of replacing food with a meal replacement shake is crazy.0.32251
I rebel against rules.0.32609
I am not rude, just socially awkward.0.32676
I can do some physical stunts (e.g. back-flip).0.32337
I would not enjoy visiting an art gallery.0.32284
I treat people as inferiors.0.31549
My hands shake sometimes.0.31218
I would be interested in being a homicide detective.0.31272
I often take on a teacher role with people I know.0.31213
I worry about people taking my ideas.0.31442
I let others do the work in groups.0.31457
I rarely look for a deeper meaning in things.0.31287
I like gruesome movies.0.31273
I put up with anything.0.31492
I have some chronic medical issues.0.31549
I am bothered by bad grammar.0.31425
I would never go to therapy.0.31492
I'm interested in sky diving.0.31565
I own a lot of stuff.0.31399
I avoid philosophical discussions.0.3910
I like to criticize how unrealistic movies are.0.3549
I hang pictures or posters on my wall.0.3307
I am always in the moment.0.3291
I am very attractive to the opposite sex.0.3426
There are some things I would never try.0.3291
I am filled with doubts about things.0.3609
I would enjoy being a school teacher.0.3359
I know the periodic table of the elements well.0.3272
I act wild and crazy.0.3609
I would enjoy being a veterinarian.0.3359
I love to go on crazy adventures.0.3449
I am attached to conventional ways.0.3403
I feel a lot of empathy.0.3392
I could live with never having children.0.3676
I don't think meditation is worthwhile.0.3308
I sometimes ruin my jokes by laughing in the middle of them.0.3589
I yell at people.0.3392
I spend hours alone with my hobbies.0.3676
I dislike myself.0.3325
I respect other peoples' opinions.0.3308
I am interested in learning about my families genealogy.0.3337
I have been alone on my birthday.0.29273
I like children.0.29636
I would be interested in starting a restaurant.0.29436
I don't mind eating alone.0.29287
I am helpful.0.29364
I eat in bed sometimes.0.29425
I have taken apart machines just to see how they work.0.29344
I'd hate to be a celebrity.0.29364
I like families with lot of children.0.29371
I am willing to do dangerous work.0.29284
I love to play charades.0.29273
I refuse help.0.291336
I know calculus.0.28337
I love to help others.0.28392
I watch movies in the theatre alone.0.28308
I have nightmares.0.28449
I watch sports on TV.0.28565
I hate poor grammar.0.28622
I would enjoy being a wilderness guide.0.28436
I don't really like live music.0.28268
I pace when I think.0.28399
I often eat at restaurants.0.28781
I am mean to animals.0.28504
I have fixed opinions.0.28272
I like small dogs.0.28399
I sleepwalk.0.28364
I never enjoy looking at myself in the mirror.0.28213
I am a bad loser.0.28492
I only want to be friends with certain people.0.28320
I love surprise parties.0.28371
I do not enjoy most jokes people make.0.28273
My parents are politically liberal.0.28455
I don't clap at shows.0.28307
I watch documentaries.0.27425
I would enjoy being the leader of a country.0.27359
I take good care of my body.0.27192
I often feel manipulated.0.27295
I tend to feel the same every day.0.27291
I see no point in owning an expensive watch.0.27504
I would enjoy being a celebrity.0.27359
I eat a lot of ice cream.0.27565
I angrily vent a lot.0.27589
I make big gestures of friendship to people.0.27457
I keep up with sports news.0.27465
I am lazy.0.27680
I take offense easily.0.27437
I get extremely invested in specific TV shows.0.27403
I am often in a bad mood.0.27291
I eat the same things every day.0.27781
I binge watch TV shows.0.26565
I frequently get things mixed up in my head.0.26549
I often cry.0.26609
I would enjoy being a photographer.0.26359
I am willing to try anything once.0.26554
I give handmade gifts.0.26307
I often feel taken for granted.0.26295
I am good at sports.0.26364
I care about having a lot of money.0.26284
I have a high opinion of myself.0.26609
I am unpopular.0.26359
I love photography.0.26307
I do crazy things.0.26680
I flake out on things I get invited to.0.26781
I like to play devils advocate.0.26359
I start conversations with strangers when out in public.0.26504
I make to-do lists.0.26632
I live in a world of my own.0.25457
I would enjoy being a lawyer.0.25359
I am polite to strangers.0.25437
I am curious about everything.0.25266
I can be quite stubborn.0.25284
I sometimes shake my legs when I sit.0.25465
I am chubby.0.25403
I am idealistic.0.25781
I like horror movies.0.25636
I iron my clothes.0.25272
I play a musical instrument.0.25455
I work hard.0.25277
I am wary of others.0.24287
I am good at dancing in the club.0.24604
I have social anxiety.0.24426
I put a lot of work in to it when I dress up in costume.0.24436
I am smarter than people assume when they first meet me.0.24228
I make up and sing silly songs.0.24344
I get jealous easily.0.24496
I purchase only practical things.0.241336
I am always busy.0.24291
I never leave the door to my room open.0.24364
I would enjoy being a sports team coach.0.24359
I go to movie theatres alone.0.24337
I tell people they are wrong.0.24689
I would enjoy being a doctor.0.24412
I often get injured.0.24589
I have read a lot of books.0.24609
I am clumsy.0.24272
I can do a lot of push-ups.0.24465
I am a jealous person.0.24339
I daydream all the time.0.24632
I have kissed a lot of people.0.24676
I often feel invisible.0.23295
I am trusted to keep secrets.0.23317
I am low energy.0.23781
I trust strangers.0.231336
I value cooperation over competition.0.23465
I never give up hope.0.23291
I do not pack much luggage when I travel.0.23273
I want everything to be 'just right.'0.23291
I want to travel to other countries.0.23636
I am super relaxed.0.23496
I like to take it easy.0.23680
I return items to the store.0.23344
I get angry when driving.0.23589
I make insightful remarks.0.23228
I do not eat on the normal schedule.0.23273
I slam the door.0.22339
I'd rather win a spelling bee than a science fair.0.22344
I take cold showers.0.22399
I can do a lot of pushups.0.22492
I return library books on time.0.221336
I like to do things for others.0.22636
I love to come up with objections.0.22437
I like to sing.0.22496
I can see myself possibly getting married after only a few months of dating.0.22213
I sometimes cry a little bit when I watch movies.0.22392
I like to take care of plants.0.22502
I never spend more than I can afford.0.22437
I enjoy going to parties where I don't know many people.0.22604
I very rarely watch TV shows.0.22465
I want to increase my knowledge.0.22492
I can be paralyzed by fear of rejection.0.21496
I really love dancing.0.21317
I have a good relationship with my parents.0.21473
I complain about my romantic life.0.21406
I like to start fights.0.21496
I waste my time.0.21291
I drink a lot of caffeine.0.21295
I can draw very realistic pictures.0.21337
I disregard rules.0.21457
I talk about my worries.0.21457
I have a high tolerance for gross things.0.21272
I have an intense, boisterous laugh.0.21412
I am a cynical sceptic.0.21680
I wish I got invited to more parties.0.21307
I do extensive research on the internet.0.21781
I am prone to feeling blue.0.21680
I am good at making funny noises and faces.0.21604
I go straight for the goal.0.21622
I am very competitive.0.21502
I avoid going to unknown places.0.21287
I am the life of the party.0.2455
I am easily hurt.0.2339
I do whatever comes into my mind.0.2251
I am not easily affected by my emotions.0.2317
I believe in a logical answer for everything.0.2291
I distrust people.0.2630
I boss people around.0.2549
I put work above pleasure.0.21336
I never go to the doctor.0.2589
I will send food back at a restaurant if I don't think it was made right.0.2496
I am close with my family.0.2425
I like to write stories.0.2449
I drink a lot of soda.0.2449
I am a perfectionist.0.2455
I share the intimate details of life to people I don't know well.0.2266
I follow directions.0.2632
I do a lot of texting.0.2291
I am super competitive.0.19632
I am bad at describing myself.0.19273
I am not bothered by messy people.0.19457
I prefer to observe formalities.0.191336
I never show vulnerability.0.19344
I'd rather be feared than loved.0.19609
I am annoyed by others' mistakes.0.19403
I hate getting scolded.0.19192
I am spontaneous.0.19291
I am often among the last the to leave a party.0.19295
I let others finish what they are saying.0.19291
I choose the easy way.0.19251
I have a lot of hobbies.0.19308
I am not a caring person.0.19549
I read a lot more books when I was young than I do now.0.19465
I say 'I'm sorry' a lot.0.19251
I often make careless mistakes.0.18465
I get lots of exercise.0.18604
I take on a lot of responsibility.0.18218
I don't pay attention.0.18554
I anticipate the needs of others.0.18457
I panic easily.0.18502
I trust others.0.18622
I respond to mail/email right away.0.18251
I am good at taking tests.0.18272
I feel driven to explore strange places.0.18436
I want to host lots of parties.0.18473
I have the ability to make others feel interesting.0.18371
I like to hike long distances.0.18213
I put a lot of effort into my appearance.0.18604
I do things I later regret.0.18266
I take naps.0.18364
I like to visit new places.0.18392
I want to please others.0.18465
I tire out quickly.0.18465
I am nostalgic for the way things used to be in my life.0.18295
I can talk your ear off.0.17295
I would never be described as arrogant.0.17436
I take advice.0.17496
I blend into the crowd.0.17399
I am excited by many different activities.0.17403
I get angry easily.0.17636
I often look bored.0.17317
I am good at drawing.0.17295
I want to see things for myself.0.17436
I am easy to satisfy.0.17266
I like to be barefoot.0.17268
I want to control the conversation.0.17268
I make my bed.0.17337
I fidget a lot.0.16307
I am good at understanding people.0.16337
I have trouble sleeping before something important.0.16218
I show my feelings.0.16287
I am good at singing.0.161336
I didn't experience much romance in high school.0.16473
I like to share my secrets.0.16609
I liked math class more than writing class.0.16426
I am never at a loss for words.0.16457
I try to control and hide my anger.0.16268
I do things my own way.0.16317
I cry during movies.0.16228
I seldom get emotional.0.16680
I am the kind of person who might write a Wikipedia article.0.16337
I have a vivid imagination.0.16412
I generally trust my partners to be faithful to me.0.16272
I talk to people when waiting in lines.0.16622
I am easily intimidated.0.16403
I don't like old films.0.16308
I am brave.0.16680
I often make last-minute plans.0.15449
I have awful spelling.0.15308
I do not smile for the camera.0.15676
I drink a lot of coffee.0.15457
I can yell very loudly.0.15565
I ask strangers out on dates.0.15403
I am easily calmed down by others.0.15403
I come up with solutions right away.0.15457
I try to impress others.0.15457
I am relaxed most of the time.0.15632
I talk really fast.0.15337
I have a good eye for design.0.15277
I often complain.0.14284
I feel faint at the sight of blood.0.14317
I reason logically.0.14457
I have difficulty asking for help.0.14399
I sleep more than 8 hours a night.0.14392
I get chores done right away.0.14412
I easily resist temptations.0.14344
I am a dominant person.0.14781
I am always on the go.0.14268
I am not in touch with my feelings.0.13442
I can not sit still for very long.0.13317
I compliment others.0.13218
I would enjoy being a journalist.0.13359
I would never make a high risk investment.0.13371
I often feel abandoned.0.12228
I do not have a very expressive face.0.12609
I remember my dreams.0.12218
I am cautious in love.0.12781
I am friendly.0.12680
I like to take it slow in relationships.0.12676
I finish what I start.0.12636
I mostly listen to people in conversations.0.12291
I bottle up my feelings.0.12632
I work out regularly.0.12266
I prefer safety over risk.0.11272
I am able to see the best in a situation.0.11403
I want to be different from others.0.11371
I wash my dishes right after I use them.0.11465
I put work first.0.11609
I develop a lot of crushes.0.111336
I ask questions that nobody else does.0.11287
I am not embarrassed easily.0.11457
I am good at understanding other people.0.11392
I keep up to date with the national news.0.1455
I apologize a lot.0.1284
I formulate ideas clearly.0.1406
I like to cook.0.1636
I put a lot of effort into getting the best deal when shopping.0.1266
I prefer variety to routine.0.1492
I am hard to convince.0.09412
I give in easily.0.09589
I push through when sick and do not let it effect me.0.09268
I take pride in my appearance.0.09307
I know a lot about music bands.0.09609
I resist change.0.09273
I am introverted.0.08228
I like to perform in front of people.0.08426
I speak quietly.0.08266
I ask a lot of questions.0.08457
I have nice teeth.0.08218
I dislike talking about myself.0.08218
I talk to a lot of different people at parties.0.08406
I am always high energy.0.07284
I keep things tidy.0.06609
I am very accepting and flexible.0.06307
I give up on tasks before I complete them.0.06680
I wake up early.0.06465
I can't cook at all.0.05277
I can sleep through any noise.0.05291
I wait for others to lead the way.0.05406
I reject people gently.0.05426
I don't hesitate to express an unpopular opinion.0.04622
I mostly just drink water.0.04192
I come up with bold plans.0.03251
I am bad at remembering names.0.03609
I naturally emerge as a leader.0.03344
I make friends easily.0.02636
I am careful to avoid making mistakes.0.02403
I can talk others into doing things.0.02609
I check on things more often than necessary.0.02251
I startle easily.0.01307
I am hard to get to know.0.01228
I arrive on time.0.01287
I hate being the center of attention.0371
I like spicy food.0339
I am tall.0465
I talk a lot during group meetings.0284
My room is messy.0455
I rush into things.-0.03266
I take a long time to reply to messages.-0.04339
I am a very heavy sleeper.-0.11392


The data collected can be downloaded at items-screening1-data.zip.

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